Large Kingfisher And Nepal Bead Necklace

Large Kingfisher And Nepal Bead Necklace


As an intermediary between men and deities, the kingfisher transmits the wishes formulated by the diviner or the voodoo priest to the deities of the air and water worlds. With its life-size skull, it seems to have come out of a cabinet of curiosities.
The vow is sealed with a closed padlock and the oxidized silver sphere represents the world. The different magic charges are mounted on an open ring that reminds of African manacles or bracelets. It symbolizes wealth. Offered to the deities, the glass bead from Nepal allows to activate the wish.


Composition: Silver 925/1000e, oxidized silver, glass bead from Nepal, chain Forçat filed
Length: about 82 cm
Weight: about 95g

Price level

From 3000 to 4000€ TTC