Place of exchange and sharing, the gallery also welcomes other creators of contemporary jewelry and other art forms through occasional exhibitions.

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11 rue de Thorigny 75003 Paris | +33 (1) 73 73 15 51
Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 7pm
By appointment the other days

Your testimonials

The Punctum also touches us a lot! Bravo! Great quality and mastery.

Totally magical, this astonishing and wonderful meeting of two universes so close, of a proximity so sensitive and so strong. Bravo for these wonderful jewels and the richness of the drawings that accompany them. Bravo to Valérie! Bravo to David!

Where the birds are, dreams reign. Their skulls are boxes of wonders. Your creations tell us about them. Thank you

Merci. This is a wonderful place!

An encounter, a journey. Difficult to come back to reality. Thank you for sharing your imaginations. Regards.

A journey to the African land. A powerful exhibition that invites discovery. The originality is there! It was necessary to dare. Magnificent.

Great ideas, great discoveries, great achievements. Bravo and thank you.

Superb marriage of voodoo and goldsmith's work. The purity of the forms and the material in its raw state! To be renewed!!!

Magnificent dialogue whether or not one is initiated. And a dream setting to highlight real works. Finally floats everywhere a peaceful and serene air. Bravo.

It sends shivers down my spine... Beautiful exhibition!

A fabulous trip thanks to an incredible staging!!! A big thank you for this sharing of emotions.