First collection


TILA, from the Arabic “tilasm” which means “talisman”, refers to an amulet, incantation, charm or spell.

I created the TILA collection based on my travels in the regions of West Africa where the Voodoo cult is still alive.

Escape jewelry

This collection offers jewelry-talismans imbued with strength and mystery.



The bird makes the link with the sky and the deities. His skull evokes silence. Tight ties or a closed padlock can be used to freeze a wish.

Other elements reinforce the power of these talismans jewels: the sphere represents the world, the thunderstone pierced in its center symbolizes the strength of the sky, the shackle-shaped ring represents wealth and the bells allow to call to heaven.


Pearls of Venice

Perles de verre vénitiennes

Precious gifts between the 17th and 19th centuries, glass beads produced in Europe, particularly in Venice, constitute, like gems, the ultimate offering that activates the talisman. Full of history, they occupy a central place in the TILA collection and give it a large part of its uniqueness.


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