Padlock Accumulation Necklace

Padlock Accumulation Necklace


According to voodoo beliefs, closed padlocks seal wishes. The accumulation of padlocks on a sculpture-fetish proves its effectiveness: after a first wish is granted, a second padlock is added to grant a new wish… This necklace includes four silver and gold padlocks and a beautiful glass bead.  Made in Murano (Venice) at the beginning of the 20th century as part of the trade with Africa, this bead has a floral pattern on a black heart. Offered to deities, the beads allow to activate the wish.


Composition: silver 925/1000, oxidized silver, gold 750/1000, old bead of Venice
Total length: about 80 cm
Poids total : environ 52 g

Price level

From 3000 to 4000€ VAT included