Voodoo Soul

The journey into the soul of Voodoo is infinite as are its representations.
The spirits and forces of voodoo allow people to access the afterlife and
to attract their power and benevolence. Based on the power of nature and on tolerance, this cult attributes a spirit to each thing: human, animal, astral or vegetable.

It is this concordance of energy that the Meharanh and Matarengo galleries present in this new joint exhibition. The soul of voodoo is carried by Meharanh’s jewelry and reinforced by their proximity to ancient fetishes. Supports of wishes, border crossers, transmission of understanding and indulgence, this alliance resonates with ancient rites and contemporary creation.


from Sunday 06.09.2020 to Sunday 13.09.2020
from 11am to 7:30pm and Sundays from 2pm to 7pm


at the Nouvellet gallery 19 rue de Seine 75006 Paris


Agnès Lefebvre : 06 63 60 69 51
Valérie Bui : 06 16 98 08 59