“Magnetism” around statues and voodoo jewelry. Published in Le Point Afrique on February 27, 2020
Exhibition "Magnetism", February 2020

This amazing play of mirrors is the result of the work of two passionate women who have fallen in love with voodoo, each in their own way.
Article by Nathalie Prévost

In the exhibition “Magnetism “*, the choice was made to bring together objects whose source and inspiration in Voodoo are strongly claimed by two women literally addicted to this African religion: Agnès Lefebvre and Valérie Bui. One is an antique dealer, the other is a jewelry designer. Together, they decided, around voodoo, to propose a meeting between authentic ancient voodoo objects, whose dark patina testifies to their magical “charge”, and contemporary luminous jewels that find their inspiration in voodoo rituals. It is therefore around this idea that the exhibition “Magnetism” was mounted in a private mansion, on the side of the rue des Archives, and this in the middle of Paris fashion week. Both of them are passionate collectors of African objects and are driven by crossed obsessions where Africa holds a central place.