Cire crâne de perruche, taille réelle

From the idea to the jewel: my creative process

When I imagine a new creation, I combine ideas, materials, colors and emotions as I feel them.

The ancient sculptures of African voodoo and their unconventional aesthetics inspired me for the Tila collection. With this first collection, I want to transmit the energy and raw power that emerge from these sculptures. I like the idea of accumulating elements, mixing elements, mixing materials, the part of mystery and magic that are part of strong ancestral beliefs.

I associate themes with materials and the whole must be coherent. The Tila collection includes ancient glass beads made in Venice mainly between the 17th and 19th centuries. The choice of beads is naturally reflected both in terms of meaning and aesthetics. These beads have been traded in Africa, particularly in countries where the Voodoo cult is still practiced. Their refined aesthetics bring a baroque side that contrasts with the raw aspect of the skulls and blackened silver. The parakeet and kingfisher skulls, which respect the real size of the birds, could be found in a curiosity cabinet.

For my creations, which are large scale jewelry sculptures, I prefer silver. I appreciate it. the simplicity of this metal, its color which can be oxidized and take infinite shades of gray, of blue and pink. It will also get a patina with time. Some creations include a gold element or gold-plated which brings warmth in terms of colors and a more precious side. With ancient beads or gems, my rather raw and contemporary creations are transported in the world of jewellery with delicacy, all in subtlety.

To make a new model, I start with sketches or models. I then work with French craftsmen, each excelling in their own speciality. We make prototypes together because experimentation is very important in my work. I also intervene at each step. The creations are entirely handmade using traditional methods. The skulls of parakeets and kingfishers from the Tila collection have thus been made using the lost-wax casting technique. At certain stages of the manufacturing process, I also use technologies such as laser welding to avoid damaging old glass beads that are not neither glued nor heated due to their fragility.

If each model can then find particular variations, the authenticity of the materials used and the method of manufacture guarantee the uniqueness of each piece of jewellery.

This first collection is fully in line with my universe, the creation of contemporary and timeless jewelry, with a strong personality, jewelry imbued with strength and mystery, jewelry for escape.